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Extjs: Simple User Managament Using Codeigniter

December 9th, 2010 by aditia rahman / 14 Comments  


Hello again this is another post of ExtJS, this post is to showing my little idea how to manage user permission in ExtJS component, In this post I not showing the full source code, just a little part of the code to get the idea how it works, however the complete source code still available on the download link at the end of this post.

This example is a simple user management that user can manipulate other user data and users groups, user need to logged in to the system to do some action, and the feature are:

- Add, Update, Delete Users
- Add, Update, Delete Groups
- Administrator cannot be deleted or updated

Which mean it will take different action button in the application screen, depend on the users groups, what is not handled in this example is user restriction, if a group have granted to modify certain user, it can modify whole user although it is the administrator.

The image is the file structure that I have created on this example, there will be a form and two grid panel in this application, a usual login form with label and textfield, a grid contain user data with the toolbar menu and a grid contain group data.

In the database we need to make a relation between user and groups and here the sql code that I created, for both groups and users table