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15 WordPress Visitor Statistics Plugins

July 15th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


As a websites or blog owner, without question we want to know how much traffics do we get, in detail we need to know daily pageviews, traffic sources, visitor demography, visitor devices, keywords, etc. When the first time I blog I use statpress, but these plugin is discontinue. Today, in this post I share the alternative for your wordpress visitor statistics, beside google analytics and statistics from All these plugins at least updated in these year, so it a big compability to try with your latest wordpress version.

wp statistic plugin

Most of these plugins will we stored the visitor data on your wordpress database, so you can track your visitor real time, but remember when creating a backup data, I think you should uninstall the plugin, cause if not the statistic plugin table will make take a lot of space, in my last experience I got about 15 MB original wordpress table, but the statpress table almost 150 MB which mean will take a lot of time to backup.