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Showcase: 20 Mobile Apps Built With Sencha Touch

June 21st, 2012 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch is one of the first javascript framework for mobile web app, and yesterday I’ve been exploring some of mobile application built with sencha touch, in sencha app gallery. It’s likely sencha touch are more used to be ported as native mobile application. This post of sencha touch mobile app might be great for you for inspiration, that we can make nice mobile application using sencha touch, with modifying components, layout, etc.

Another Mobile Web Javascript Framework To Try

June 19th, 2012 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Mobile web app “boom” still continue, so many tools we can use to build native mobile app or mobile web, in my previous post I have collected 10 framework to build mobile web application, this post will shows some similar javascript tools to build mobile web, whether it have full mobile UI framework or just a core javascript framework. It might be good for you to try another kind of javascript mobile framework.

Kendo UI Mobile

Kendo UI Mobile

60 Free Mobile Application Style Icon Sets

October 13th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Today I have gathered some of icon sets inspired by mobile application style icon, you can see most of the mobile app icon have a square form with rounded corner, and this post have 60 different icon set you can download for free, and of course some of them can be used for mobile application.

10 Mobile App Wireframing Tools

October 11th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 3 Comments  


Wireframing or mockup is one of the common task especially for application designer, usually this work used for planning application interface design to show the big picture of the app that will be discussed with client or the team.

Mobile App Wireframing Tools

Today I found some tools that might help to creating mobile app or mobile web app wireframing, although you can use some vector graphic editor or image manipulation editor, I think specific wireframing tools will save more time for non design user.

Create Simple WordPress Mobile Theme Using Sencha Touch – Part 2

September 24th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


These are the second part of my previous post about creating simple wordpress mobile theme using sencha touch, there are two screen left that we have to do, they are single post and comment list.

sencha touch wordpress

Single Post

The model used in single post are the same as on the Index page, the different is just the total post that returned from the server. In this single post screen I put a button on the bottom toolbar for displaying comment form that will appear as a floating panel, my thought so the reader can submitting a comment after reading the post.

Create Simple WordPress Mobile Theme Using Sencha Touch – Part 1

September 24th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 4 Comments  


Today post I want to share a simple mobile wordpress theme using sencha touch, I will separate the post in 2 part, and all the source code I share on the part 2, I created this post because I think this is one of the good way to learn more both about wordpress function and sencha touch. This image below are the mockup theme.

sencha touch wordpress

The wordpress theme in this post are really simple, maybe you can develop further, I only create these features: index page with pagination, single post page, comment list page, and submit comment. For sencha touch the application structure not really different from my previous post about sencha touch gallery, it MVC structure that generated using sencha command.

10 Free Alternative Mobile Web Browser

September 14th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


With the successful apple device like iPhone, iPod and iPad no wonder safari is becoming the most well known and maybe the most used browser for smartphone users, the second place may got to android browser.

mobile browser alternative

In case you want to try another mobile browsing, today post I share some free alternative mobile browser that can be installed on your smartphone from itunes and android market, just make sure you have read some reviews from he user before you install it, so you get a little explanation or testimonial.

30 Mobile Web Profile & Portfolio Design Showcase

August 22nd, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


The usage of mobile device user continue to rise, means that more user are going to access the internet anywhere. If you have a consulting or freelancing service, it might be good to bring your information right on the user hand. Here are some screen captured from the android emulator of the web profile & portfolio optimized for mobile devices.

Erskine Design

Erskine Design

8 Javascript Mobile Web Image Gallery Library

August 7th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


This post I compiled some examples I found for creating image gallery in mobile web, cause compared to web desktop, creating image gallery in mobile devices must be different, we have to thinking about limited screen resolution, supported event, etc. And these library & tutorial might help you to get started creating your own mobile web gallery, and some of them a have tried it on my local computer, using iPhone simulator.

Photo Swipe

PhotoSwipe is a free HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery targeting mobile devices, demo.

30+ Mobile Application User Interface Design Inspiration

July 10th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Mobile application has becoming one of the promising business, more and more company slowly create their own mobile app or the mobile web version, and this is our chance as a developer or designer to join in the mobile application crowd. Here I share some example for mobile application user interface design, to give you some inspiration for creating unique mobile user interface design.

Facebook iPhone App by hamzahamo

Facebook iPhone App by hamzahamo on deviantart