15 More Twitter Bootstrap Resources

August 25th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Twitter Bootstrap now gaining popularity in web development area, because it providing many common usable user interface component, combining with nice simple themes, css framework and javascript element.


Many tutorial and resources has been developed to help us getting familiar with bootstrap, in today post I post some more bootstrap resouces that might be useful, I say it “more” cause there are the same article showing bootstrap resources and tools (posted on the bottom of this post), well at least these haven’t been listed before.

10 Free WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

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A sticky notification bar are very useful for getting visitor attention, whether it placed on the top or the bottom of your websites, with absolute position. For blogger it is useful for announcing a new deal, products, giveaways (like I used before), freebies, etc. When I searching the plugins for wordpress I found some alternative that can be used, with easy to use and free, but haven’t found the notification on the bottom yet, here they are

Notification Bar

Notification Bar

50+ Free PHP CMS You Might Never Heard Before

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php cms

Today CMS (Content Management System) are dominated by wordpress, a blogging platform that can be transformed into almost any popular web application (online shop, community, portal, etc). Another popular cms that very popular since I diving in into web development area, are joomla and drupal. In this post I have looking some other cms for reference that I think still active in development at least untill this year, from simple cms untill full featured cms, and some of them looks very promising cause they already have community or backed by commercial company.

[Opinion] Why Using CSS Framework on Developing Web User Interface

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Remember few years ago before HTML5 and CSS3 came along, when the tableless css design are a very popular, I always busy with css float and div property, when designing a layout. Another thing to do are making a standard web user interface element, like using one nice theme, so that’s why javascript framework like jqueryui, dojotoolkit and extjs born.

css framework thumb

When the grow of mobile web users are increasing, a web designer becoming more and more busy to make a mobile web version of his sites, this make another moment for some companies or community to create a javascript framework for mobile web, including jquerymobile, dojomobile, and sencha touch.

Showcase: 30 Ecommerce Site Design Using Prestashop

August 19th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


prestashop thumb

Prestahop is one of the popular ecommerce cms based on PHP that free to use, most developer in my country area choose prestashop as their ecommerce platform, cause it easy to use and lightwight when they compared to magento commerce, few day ago, I visit prestahop official site to see some example site and case study created with prestashop, and most design result most are really unique and nice, making prestashop are dependable for your long term online shop.

Create To Do List Web Form

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In today post I want to share a little code snippet for creating a simple to do list web form, I created this after found a notepad css design in psd on dribble, means recreating it in html form. Nothing much to add just simple to do list form using css only, and a little jquery for check uncheck event.


10 Free Jquery Plugins For Creating Chart

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Charting often are used in statistic to showing a large historical data for example product sales, costumer behavior, stock market, web site statistic, etc. Few years ago we always depend on flash file, today with a great feature of html5 canvas we can code graphic directly in web browser, but coding from strach may taking a long time, in this post I mentioned some free jquery plugins to help you create a chart easily.


CIBB: An Experimental Basic Forum Built With Codeigniter and Twitter Bootstrap

August 15th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 12 Comments  


About a month ago I have posted a post list about open source forum software based on PHP, and lately I found twitter bootstrap, is a set library for popular user interface component and interaction. In this post I only share what I’m doing with codeigniter and bootstrap for creating a simple forum software, I called CIBB (Codeigniter Bulletin Board).

For learning more about using twitter bootstrap I made this and completely using a basic bootstrap style, I only create a very basic forum software so do not expect to much features from it, but you can download and use it for any kind of purpose.

21 Examples of CSS Progress Bar

July 30th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


A progress bar is a common compent in web design, with a lot of new capability of CSS3, now it really possible to create a progress bar using CSS only even is html5 there is a html5 features dedicated to progress bar, you can search on google “Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars”, but in today post I gathered some example progress bar using CSS some with animation, it might be good to reduce images usage in your websites.

13 Websites for Creating Online Short Profile

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Your online presence sometimes or might be often helping for boost your career up, find new clients or business opportunity, social networking sites like facebook, twitter might be can do that but sometimes you don’t want your partner all your personal life.

In today post have a collection of websites that allows you to build your short profile online, what i mean is like a your business contacts, your social media contacts, your work description. Some sites provide you to create your digital business card, and allows for the visitor to download your vcard.