Create Simple Web Installer For Codeigniter Application

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When you installing a fresh cms on your server usually you will find a form for setting up your database setting, admin, etc, this feature often can be found on popular cms. In this post I try to create simple installer for codeigniter application, this might help after you finish create your own custom web project and don’t want to make confuse your client with manual install by editing php file.

10 Free Blank WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap

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We already know some of the advantages using bootstrap are easier to make responsive layout, easy to use built in css style. Using bootstrap with in wordpress theme development might help your project faster, today I collected some of free blank wordpress theme based on twitter bootstrap framework.

1. BootstrapWP


13 CSS Responsive Menu Tutorial

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Today responsive web design are becoming a trend, responsive web design are a solution for web developer for dealing with multiple devices resolution, In this post I share some tutorial to help you understand in creating responsive menu using CSS.

Responsive Menu with CSS3 Tutorial

Responsive Menu with CSS3 Tutorial

Jquery CSS Animated Menu

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Few days ago I try to create a simple navigation menu with a css rotating animation, using css animation and features sure it possible to do this, but in this case I want the animation applied when mouse over event are triggered.

The problem using css hover menu is when mouse hover triggered, the element are starting to rotate even if the mouse hover on the corner of the element, and the animation suddenly stop cause the element already leave the mouse cursor.

20 Ready Made Logo Shop Websites

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Logo is one of the important thing when promoting a brand like in websites, banner, stickers, etc. Sometimes we don’t even know what kind of logo should we create, browsing through all the logo inspiration gallery sometimes not help, they just made you impressed. In today post I share a collection of logo that are ready to use, to make your logo creation faster, it better than spend someday without a result and might be good for your next project.

99 Designs Store

99 Design

25 Free Responsive HTML Templates

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Responsive web design is becoming one of web design trend today, it let the design layout automatically adapt many web browser resolution in normal, widescreen, tablet and smartphone. Surely this is very helpful for designer who don’t like the mobile web version, in this post I want to share some example html responsive templates that are free to download, you can see the capture page are on smartphone and desktop resolution, they are great for learning and inpiration material.



35 Jquery Plugins To Beutify Form Element

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The varienty of web form element usage are growing whether in how it work or it design, for example when “tagging” became popular now a text field must have an automatic tag field, a long list selectbox better have quick search field inside it, a quick live validation, and many more examples that can improve form usability.

jquery form element plugin

Today I have gathered a number of jquery plugins for selectbox, checkbox, radiobutton, validation that can make enhance your web form usability both in usage and skining. Even there already a tools like bootstrap we might be still need one of them, the proof are you can look of some premium admin themes, which are using these plugins.

Showcase: 40 Mac Application Websites

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Today I have a showcase of mac application websites, mac application seems very common in sleek style, gray, minimalism and something like that. Some of mac application site designed like common mac style some are not just check it out.


App Cleaner

7 Free WordPress Admin Themes

September 5th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


For me default wordpress admin theme are quite good enough, with the wordpress development continue, it become better and better. However you might want something different when working on wordpress admin area, and maybe costumizing it by your self will take some time, here are some free wordpress admin theme that you can you as plugins.

Coffee Admin Theme

Coffee Admin Theme

Find Free PSD Files in These 33 Websites

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PSD files are common popular files used by designer to create a design mockup or concept, whether for designing application user inteface, advertising concept, etc. These websites / blogs below have many collections of free psd files you can download for free, might help for your project or just for learning photoshop.