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35 Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper Pack

December 31st, 2012 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


One of the beauty of nature scenery is sunset, some photographers on deviant art compiling they photoshoot to became wallpaper that you can use on variety of device, on desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. With nice orange color mixing with others nature scenery, sunset wallpaper might be help to refreshing your eyes after daily hard work and this nature wallpapers scenery are my personal favorites, enjoy.

2560 x 1440 | 1920 x 1080 | 2560 x 1600 | 1920 x 1200 | 1600 x 1200

50 Free Nature Wallpaper Pack

September 19th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Sometimes a wallpaper on your device can make you mood bring to live again, and a nature wallpaper is a most common used wallpaper, here I share freebies nature wallpaper pack that mostly taken from the nice photo capture, some packs contain wallpaper for your tablet or mobilephone.

2560 x 1440 | 1920 x 1080 |1600 x 1200 |2560 x 1600 | 1920 x 1200 |640 x 960

30 Abstract Desktop Wallpaper Pack From Deviant Art

July 25th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


Today post I want to share some great handpicked abstract wallpaper pack, found on deviant art, cause for sometime I get bored with my desktop wallpaper, hope can increase our mood, spirit, creativity in our daily work.

1920 x 1200 by madpotato

40 Cube Wallpapers To Pimp Your Desktop Up

June 14th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 3 Comments  


Maybe you got a little bored with your desktop wallpaper, here I share some of great 3D cube desktop wallpapers to make your desktop look different and may inspire you to increase your creativity and mood in your work.

cube wallpapers collection

These are great creation work from 3D graphics software like blender, maya, and any others. Some of these take many hour to finish its 3D rendering.

33 Hot Air Balloon Desktop Wallpapers

May 11th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Seeing a hot air balloon flying always make me exited to taking an adventure one day, dreaming traveling around the world, here I found some great digital art and photo manipulation about air balloon, maybe can make brighten your everyday desktop.

1922 x 1200

50+ Very Minimalist Desktop Wallpaper

April 5th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 4 Comments  


Few days ago I found a website that creating very very very minimalist desktop wallpaper called minimalwall, I think it would be great for our desktop wallpaper, all the wallpapers only consist of very sort words, you can follow the link if want to know the real author meaning, but it still good for quick motivational desktop wallpaper.

2 Minutes Wallpaper

44 Imaginative Music Notes Desktop Wallpaper

February 2nd, 2011 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Live without music can be very quiet, music described as a beautiful notes that can be heard by people, we don’t really know what the music look like, maybe just my imagination that music notes that is the real shape of the music. These wallpapers may can pimp your desktop and keep inspire with the music.

Zip File (4 Wallpapers)

WallpaperFX – Your One Stop Wallpaper Place

January 25th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 5 Comments  


WallpaperFX is a website that provide so many HD Wallpapers and Full HD Wallpapers, It doesn’t matter whether you are using older monitor resolution or the latest HD monitor, even for your iPhone and iPad.

Exploring The Site

Beside bookmarking it, exploring is one of most what will I do when find new site. You can explore through by the category section, the resolution section, the advance search section and the community section which this enable for you to find a unique wallpaper.

Category and Filtering

Currently WallpaperFX has 16 different categories but I’m sure it will much more in the future, which in each category have sub category like top rate, top download, etc. My favorite categories are 3D and Nature, like the example wallpaper below.

60 Ubuntu Studio Wallpapers

December 7th, 2010 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Hello again it’s been quite a long time since my previous post more than a month ago, I’m a quite busy back then, but in the future I hope have more time to updating my blog, and now I’m thinking to moving to Linux, and Ubuntu Studio artwork, theme, and wallpaper quite attract me a lot attention, it’s a variant of a popular linux distro Ubuntu, and here some nice wallpaper that I found.

1. 1600 x 1200

70 Interior Design for Desktop Wallpaper

September 14th, 2010 by aditia rahman / 3 Comments  


I bet we all have been thinking about our dream house with the detail inside it house, here I want to share a collection of beautiful interior design that can be used for your desktop wallpaper, some are still concept in 3D, and some are the real thing.

1280 x 1024