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10 Websites For Blog Design Inspiration

June 10th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


Hi again its been very long time, since I posted about more than 5 month ago, cause I got a project to finish in time, and today I just fell like to change my blog design but still don’t know what to change yet, in this post I share some a websites that have blog design gallery, some gallery are from css gallery or the site are really dedicated to blog design showcase, although I’am not a fully designer I just thinking maybe it is good for we are who looking for blog design inspiration to keep up with the latest blog design trend.


i Love Blog Design

30+ Mobile Application User Interface Design Inspiration

July 10th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Mobile application has becoming one of the promising business, more and more company slowly create their own mobile app or the mobile web version, and this is our chance as a developer or designer to join in the mobile application crowd. Here I share some example for mobile application user interface design, to give you some inspiration for creating unique mobile user interface design.

Facebook iPhone App by hamzahamo

Facebook iPhone App by hamzahamo on deviantart

How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media [Infographic]

June 21st, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Yesterday I got an email message informing about this newest infographic about social media, in this post I want to spread the word about this infographic to everyone, about social media usage to help better grades.
Better Grades Social Media Infographic
This infographic shows that if we use social media wisely it can give us some benefit to wider our knowledge, so we can get a better grades to support out carrer, but the this infographic shows that social media mostly used for social and entertainment needs.

40 Examples Textured Business Card Design

June 10th, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments  


Print textured material can give an elegant, stylist feel in printing material, it can make a brand look more exclusive, mostly the price surely higher, but if it can increase you branding confident and give more trust to your costumer, why not.

Textured Business Card Design

These some example of business card design using textured paper in variety design feel, like black, white, clean, minimalist and letterpress.

50 Logo That Describing Itself

June 4th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 6 Comments  


A logo sometimes have a direct message whether to describe the brand, the company product or describing itself. Now I handpicked some logo that have criteria like that, you will find some logo which have more than one meaning, by the look of it shape.


Ink splash made a fish shape

Typetree: 50 Tree Arts Made With Typography

March 24th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


Typography art always interesting to follow cause it one of the most important thing in design and any other artworks, this post is another list of tree art made with typography that I found while surfing the internet, enjoy.

61 Big Drop Down Menu Examples

March 22nd, 2011 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


Drop down menu is very useful to list a website links, category or any other structural information links. These showcase I presented a list of big dropdown menu examples, most of this kind of dropdown menu used in online retail store or a company websites
which have a lot of product or service categories.

Starbucks Australia

Starbucks Australia

30 Example Type Sketch Usage In Web Design

March 8th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


In my opinion type sketch design is typography style that have look and feel that the text created using pencil or chalk, it is like human manual created type, in web design sometimes we can found this style, in this list you can see it used in some part of main web page, like in logo or main text header to attract some reader.

Project 365

Project 365

40 Button Showcase Design With Little Description

March 5th, 2011 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


The button trend usage in web design continue to changing, and one that interesting is a promotional button in a website, usually it used for action button, so user can easily access the offer, download a software or to make an order, and I realize most of them having some little description whether it using images or just a simple sentence, to describe more about what the button do.

1. Coolendar


Black White Product Packaging Design

March 1st, 2011 by aditia rahman / 1 Comment  


This post is my curiosity to see some minimalist black and white color in real product design, actually there still a lot out there, at least these are some I can found.