The Importance of Application Mockup In Project

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Mockup design in a web development project are one of important part, mockup design usually described the placement user interface widget of the application. Most common mockup widget in all application are similar, but it become more specific when applied to variety of device and sometimes it depending to the device OS default widget, for example in smartphone we have list component, keyboard widget, group list, pop up menu.

In a project, sometimes creating mockup is the early stage to finish before the project kick off, the development team / consulting team presenting the application outline using mockup or using only the coded interface.

Sometimes in small project or in a project with tight deadline, a development team ignoring the app mockup, at least these are some short point why application mockup design is important:

1. Easier Managing App Interface

Creating application mockup will make easier for designer to pour his idea, for developer it will make easier to starting a code without taking more time to planning the placement of application widget. Moreover it is easier to manage for big project with many different interface structure.

2. Increasing Cooperation

Big or even small change in mockup structure needs to be communicated in each development team, to avoid misconception about application interface structure, it will make each team still communicating.

3. Faster Development

Similar to point 1, the team, in this case the developers will saving time for thinking about app interface placement, instead they will straight work to the code like where to put search box, logos, how many column in main container, etc.

4. Help Measuring Project Cost

Some web design agent are charging by client request in how many different layout he ask, and creating mockup will help them to calculate the time to spent, how many designer / developers involved.

Today there are many free mockup tools that you can use for desktop, web app or mobile app whether as desktop application or online tools, on these list below I mention some which can you use online, right on your browser.

Fluid UI

fluid ui



Mocking Bird

mocking bird









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