10 Resources For Modern/Metro UI Web Design

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Metro UI

Metro UI or Modern UI are latest microsoft interface design interface term, it applied in windows 8 and windwos phone ui, with big and colorful square box minimalist icon theme. This term are influencing some of web design trend too, you can see some of sites adapting metro ui style, and these post have some resources for web designers to creating metro style ui in web design, for component (buttons, menus, navigation, fonts, icons, etc).

Javascript & CSS

1. Metro Bootstrap ( link )

metro bootstrap

2. Metro UI CSS ( link )

Metro UI CSS

3. Metro UI Template ( link )

Metro UI Template

4. Code 52 Metro CSS ( link )

Code 52 Metro CSS

5. BootMetro ( link )


6. MetroJS ( link )


7. JQuit Builder ( link )



8. Modern UI Icons ( link )

modern ui icons

9. Metro Style Icons ( link )

Metro Style

10. Metro UI Dock-Icon Set ( link )

Metro UI Dock Icon Set

10.1. Metro UI Icon Set UPDATE ( link )

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