JQuery 3D Carousel Plugins Collection

June 12th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


A slideshow or carousel feature often we found on portfolio or company profile websites. For examples for showcasing a photography, product, projects experience, etc. In today post I have collected some of 3D look a like jquery carousel plugins, which from it look the items like moving on one circle, I found some freebies you can download and some others are premium which mean you can try it online.


jQuery Feature Carousel - Brian K Osborne

[ visit jquery feature carousel ]

[ visit roundabout ]

Professor Cloud

[ visit cloud carousel ]

3d engine

[ visit wobbling 3D Carousel ]

k3dCarousel demo

[ visit k3dcarousel ]

jQuery UI Carousel - Default functionality

[ visit jquery ui carousel ]


Premium plugins must come with more feature and more support, like free update, other style carousel, web template, etc. And last it back to you who decide using it, just be sure to buy it from the provider you can trust.

ALL IN ONE BANNER - jQuery Sliders

[ visit all in one banner ]

Beautiful Creative Portfolio - 3D Carousel Preview - ThemeForest

[ visit creative portfolio 3D carousel ]

3D Carousel - Advanced jQuery Carousel Preview - CodeCanyon

[ visit advanced 3D jquery carousel ]

Elixon Theatre 2.4.2

[ visit elixon theatre ]

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