Speed Up Your Web Development Phase Using HTML CSS Admin Templates

June 11th, 2012 by aditia rahman / 2 Comments  


When I working on my last project I have a client request for custom web application, it like a small and simple document approval system something like document flow system, first I’m looking some CMS that might be suitable for this system.


I found cuteflow, the project look inactive, if I’m using cuteflow I must give a big effort to modify the code and it must take a very long time, next I remember about knowledgetree and afresco but these two software seems to big for this project, so I didn’t found any suitable for this project, and I decided to built from myself, it was not completely from scratch, I’m using Codeignter, MySQL and JQuery.

Next problem, the budget are very tight I’m not be able to sharing these work to my friend for designing user interface, in my experience designing a back end HTML CSS template is very time consuming especially for who not completely designer, yes I know html, css and jquery but designer who role to make it looks good, like the matching between header & navigation, color scheme, form theme (including textfield, textarea, radiobutton, checkbox, table, grid, widget), gallery, icons, error page, login screen, etc. And I decided to buy web templates for back end administrator, usually for content management system.

What To Expect

Althought there are some freebies, my search end in themeforest admin theme section, cause so many choice with affordable price at average $15 – $21, I can save 2-3 weeks or even more than a month developing this admin template,  now what to expect, if you are very perfectionist in design interface I found no admin theme come with completely based on our taste, for example I buy a simple one, with more than 3 color scheme it is great but there no modal windows, no full screen layout, etc. Overall I really recommend using these built in admin templates cause it is very easy to use with tidy code commenting and documentation and especially if you are a pure developer who work alone, or maybe in a tight deadline.

Some Freebies

Beside the premium one there always other free alternative if you just curious to try it, but not as good the premium one.

[ visit ]


[ visit ]

[ visit ]


[ visit ]

internet dream admin theme

[ visit ]


My conclusion are, these source of admin templates are really helpful in web development area, really cut off development time, as developer we can more focusing on business process of the application and it can be one of the good business too, just look at on themeforest who creating these admin templates, hundreds of sales they have made with a single themes.

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