44 Sharp & Beautiful Insect Photography

August 23rd, 2011 by aditia rahman / 6 Comments  


Sometimes seeing the beauty of nature can make our mod come for work again, today post is a showcase of very beautiful insect photography I collected from 1x.com photography site, I put one photos from each photographer. They are really good lighting and macro photography, enjoy.

by Reza Rurfikri Fauzi

by Bayu Sahaja

by Magdalena Wasiczek

by Marta Grzesiak

by jimmy hoffman

by Effie Rudy

by Pauline. D

by GilG

by ali akbar khandan

by arachiusz

by Dzagoda

by Gregor Vrhovnik

by Frode Wendelbo

by liangdawei

by Szabolcs Vass

by Jens G

by Boris 165

by Roeselien Raimond

by Marie DAYNIE

by Siw

by Grzegorz Przyborowski

by Sandi Gorkic

by clintnewsham

by ThierryM

by Hans Van Rafelghem

by seymour

by Jesper Andersen

by Adiyan Lutfi

by Teguh Santosa

by Lubomír Hnat (Cheron)

by Boris Godfroid

by Mikesi

by Johan Lind

by Mohammad Alkhamis

by TomasZ

by Leon Baas

by Tammy Bergström

by Antonio Diaz

by el justino

by Yvan Barbier

by Pedro Lastra

by Irwan Yuwono

by Tomas Rak

by Agostino Toci

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