Google Chrome Extensions List To Help Build A Website

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The Google Chrome web browser has becoming more popular these days, when this post is created netmarket share statistic show that google chrome is popular as firefox has, and many web developer and designer already make the google chrome become their default testing tool, and with the rising of mobile web chrome becoming widely used browser test, cause most mobile phone browser is based on webkit, same as google chrome. I combine some of these, that might be come in handy in the future.

PHP Development

PHP Console, Display debugs in Google Chrome console or by notification popups.

PHP Documentation, Search From the official PHP Manual.

XDebug Helper, integration for PHP IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse With PDT.

ChromePHP, For PHP logging and debugging in chrome console.

Online PHP IDE, Free and simple online PHP editor for editing files on your FTP server within your browser.


JQuery API Search or JQuery API Browser, The API Search is integrated to chrome omnibox, while the API Browser displayed as toolbar.

JQuery Shell, Multiline jquery script tool to learning and experiment.

JQuerify, Embed JQuery into any page.

Content Generator & Form Filler

Autofill, Fill form field automatically on the page load, this are really great if you have many data to test.

Lorem Ipsum Generator, Generate random dummy text.

Sitemap Generator, SEO tool for generating sitemap.xml file and can find duplicate & broker links.


Google Font Previewer, Preview and choose font from Google Font Directory.

WhatFont, Identify font on the webpages.

Change Font, Force to change font on the page.


Eye Dropper, Pick color on the web page.

Pallete For Chrome, Create color pallete from any image.

Color Generator, Generate color directly from toolbar.

Rulers & Grid

MeasureIt!, Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.

Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper and Color Picker

Technology Profiler

Web Technology Notifier, Display the web technology on the current page like PHP, Ruby, Phyton, and much more.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler, Almost the same as Web Technology Notifier, but with a more complete feature like advertising, hosting, CMS software, etc.

Browser Resolution

Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator, Browser based HTML5 mobile application testing tool.

Window Resizer, Like the other resizer tool it have many choices from smartphone resolution, old monitor, and widescreen.

Perfomance Test

Speed Tracer (by Google), Get insight into the performance of your web applications.

YSlow, Analyze and suggest to improve web page performace using Yahoo!’s page performance tool.

Page Load Time, Displaying Page Load Time On The Toolbar.

Page Speed Test, Display load timing data with more statistics.

All in One

Web Developer, Similar extension in firefox.

Pendule, Web developer tool for chrome.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture (by Google)Webpage ScreenshotFireshotAviary Screen CaptureAwesome Screen CaptureLightshot


Firebug Lite, For inspecting HTML element, DOM, live editing CSS.

HTML5 & CSS3 Validator, W3C HTML5 & CSS3 quick validation button.


Websecurify, web application security testing platform

Regular Expression Checker or Regex Widget.

Check My Links, Broken link checker tool.

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