Sencha Touch References And Tutorial Collection

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Lately I’ve been playing with sencha touch, mostly with layout, and themes. Here I found some sencha touch tutorial to help you understading sencha touch better, covering sencha touch usage in real app, you can start the tutorial from sencha touch official site.

Learn Sencha Touch

There are many great tutorial from sencha touch site, some of discussing about sencha touch specific features and components, like XTemplate, Layout, Carousel, etc. Where it good start to digging deeper on each sencha touch features.

Writing Sencha Touch Application – My Notes App  (4 Parts)
My Notes Sencha Touch App
Building Newsletter App (5 Parts)

Building Newsletter App

Build iPad App Sencha Touch (Vimeo App)

Building iPad App Sencha Touch (Vimeo App)

Introduction to Theming Sencha Touch (Sencha Blog)

An Introduction Theming In Sencha Touch - Sencha Official Blog

Sencha Touch MVC Application (Part 1, Part 2)

Sencha Touch MVC App

Create An HTML/CSS Mobile Web App Using Sencha Touch

Create An HTML/CSS Mobile Web App Using Sencha Touch - SmashingMagazine

Creating A Sencha Touch MVC App (3 Parts)

Creating Sencha Touch MVC Application

Performance Optimization for Sencha Touch (Video)

Performance Optimization For Sencha Touch (Vimeo)

SASS Variables and Mixins

Sencha Touch Theme Reference

Webkit CSS3 CheatSheet

Webkit CSS3 Cheat Sheet

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