WordPress Pagination: Plugins And Tutorial Resource

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Some people said that the “older post”, “previous post” links are bored on wordpress, and I completely agree with that, this pagination feature very useful to make the visitors navigate to our older page, and maybe this will increase your blog pageviews too.

Wordpress Pagination

And here I listed some of wordpress plugins to set up the wordpress pagination in minutes and some tutorial links in case you want to create your own wordpress pagination.


Using plugin is the easier method to adding pagination on your wordpress blog, especially if you not a programmer or simply you don’t want to involve with coding, most of these provide a setting page to customizing and can be used in index, category, archive, search result page.

1. WP-PageNavi  [ visit ]

WP-PageNavi, it seems this plugin is the most popular wordpress pagination plugins, this blog use this plugin too, it really developed up to date, when this post posted it have the latest release date than any other plugins.

WP-PagiNavi Screenshot

2. WP-Paginate [ visit ]

WP-Paginate, I think this plugins is the second most popular wordpress pagination plugin, one cool feature since version 1.1 it support the comments pagination too.

WP-Paginate Screenshot

3. Paginator [ visit ]

This pagination plugin appearance is a really unique, when you add the code it will show all your available page, all links are viewable by the horizontal scroll on the bottom, once I see this pagination style is on 1stwebdesigner.

Paginator Screenshot

4. Easy-Pagination-Deamon [ visit ]

This plugin is really new once you installed you won’t see any catchy paging element, so you need to styling by yourself using a simple CSS code

Create Your Own Pagination

This section for you who want to more digging into wordpress code and it will give some more knowledge in wordpress development

1. How to build a WordPress Post Pagination without plugin by kriesi

2. Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins by wpengineer

3. Easily Ajax WordPress Pagination by wpmods

4. WordPress Pagination by lateralcode

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