48 Coffee Website Design Showcase

January 23rd, 2011 by aditia rahman / 7 Comments  


In the last two week I have been showchasing website design related to food, well this time is another one, lately I realize that I’m addicted to food design, and maybe will add some more in future. Like the chocolate website design before the dark color like black and brown dominating in mostly sites.

1. Kicking Horse Coffee

Kickinghorse Coffee

2. Green Beans Coffee

Green Beans Coffee

3. Swiss Water

Swiss Water

4. Healthy Coffee

Healthy Coffee

5. Royale Coffee Company

Royale Coffee Company

6. United Coffee

United Coffee

7. Discount Coffee

Discount Coffee

8. Coffee Republic

Coffee Republic

9. Nescafe UK

Nescafe UK

10. Lavazza


11. Kenco


12. West Rock Coffee

West Rock Coffee

13. Vermont Coffee Works

Vermont Coffee Works

14. Redcup Coffee

Redcup Coffee

15. Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria Jean's Coffee

16. Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella Coffee

17. Hudsons Coffee

Hudsons Coffee

18. Merlo Coffee

Merlo Coffee

19. Withams Coffee

Withams Coffee

20. Belaroma Coffee

Belaroma Coffee

21. New England Coffee

New England Coffee

22. Vittoria Coffee

Vittoria Coffee

23. Map Coffee

Map Coffee

24. Blackstar Coffee

Blackstar Coffee

25. Kauai Coffee

Kauai Coffee

26. Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee

27. Jackson Coffee Co

Jackson Coffee Co

28. Metropolis Coffee Company

Metropolis Coffee Company

29. Tobi State Company

Tobi State Company

30. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee

31. Cup Coffee

Cup Coffee

32. Seatle Best Coffee

Seattle Best Coffee

33. Community Coffee

Community Coffee

34. Story Ville Coffee Company

Story Ville Coffee Company

35. Coffe Bean Malaysia

Coffee Bean Malaysia

36. Bona Coffee Company

Bona Coffee Company

37. Millstone


38. The Coffee Company

The Coffee Company

39. Second Cup

Second Cup

40. Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee

41. Atomic Coffee

Atomic Coffee

42. Havana Works Coffee

Havana Works Coffee

43. Social Coffee Company

Social Coffee Company

44. Niche Coffee

Niche Coffee

45. Motherland Coffee

Motherland Coffee

46. Tartarua Iced Coffee

Tartarua Iced Coffee

47. Mr Coffee

Mr Coffee

48. Meleya


49. Eagle Coffee

eagle coffe

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  • Jonathan Rivera says:

    I think the Kicking Horse, and Atomic are the best designed. Most of the websites either used outdated flash, or way too much imagery. Check out http://www.sozocoffee.com . I just finished this for a client, really proud of how it came out. Dude roasts the best coffee too.

    • yes I agree with you some maybe full of image, but if we want to use moslty css, we have to make sure to choose the perfect color palette, btw love your site, the product listing are better if you have a unique image for each product

      • Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with imagery, but when most of the navigation is done using straight images and no html text, it’s really adds to load times and isn’t as SEO, or user friendly. Thanks for the advice on the site, I would love to use different images for the products, but as of now, all the bags pretty much look the same. Not too much variation between items either. Something to think about though. Thanks.

  • Morgan Rees says:

    Hey Adita check out the Vella Nero website. We finished this off a few months ago, let me know what you think:

    • I think overall your site design is good, and these are some point that I think can be improved
      - in chrome the number of the navigation slideshow should not appear
      - the text content before the footer too many empty spaces,
      - adding a rounded corner would be nice

  • Mark Smith says:

    fantastic range of coffe beans. My favourite is the Segafredo Horeca, full bodied with a creamy sugar note flavour

  • Peter Coffee says:

    Hi Mark, you are right Segafredo is the best coffee blend, but I prefer the mild blend an incredibly potent and rich blend

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