Blocking Flash Content on Popular Web Browser : Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer

July 4th, 2010 by aditia rahman / 3 Comments  


With the grow of HTML5 and it adaption on popular web browser Flash content becoming more weak to be used, in so many article and news, debate about HTML5 can replace Flash was very hot news, but wheter you flash lover or hater maybe these day you still need flash content, like video streaming site, etc. But flash become annoying when you see an ad using flash so in my browsing experience I always blocking flash content, here what I do to all my installed web browser


For Opera browser you have to download the flash block for opera, after that extract the file then open opera Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Content -> Javascript Options then point the User JavaScript Folder to the extracted file then restart your opera, finish.


Using 3rd party addons firefox can easily block flash content using available addons, it work on Windows, Mac and Linux the addons are FlashBlock and  Flash Killer, my favourite one is the the first one the “FlashBlock“.


I’m testing it on the safari 5 for windows and it work fine, first you have to enable safari extension, if you haven’t it, follow this simple step, after that you have to download this extension (broken box), then just double click the file an it will installed easily, and it asked you to move watching youtube video in html5 format.

Google Chrome

Like firefox and safari, google chrome used 3rd party software too, but in google chrome the addons is called extension, and I found much more choices extensions for blocking flash content, than firefox addons.

1. FlashBlock by josorek

2. FlashBlock by ruzanow

3. FlashControl by Dave

4. FlashPlus by n.parashuram

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer it very easy to disable flash content just go to manage addons and choose the Shockwave Flash Object, you can disable or setting site that allowed displaying flash content

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