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This time I want to share my resources about PHP performance link, because when developing web application I always worry about how fast my application can serve the user request, I really need advice about performance in PHP and I found it some, you can see more than 15 resources about PHP performance, but you may found something similar tips from one post to another post. Well at least I’m try to follow the advice, and hope this list useful for you.

1. PHP performance tips from Google

2. More on PHP performance

3. A How To on Optimizing PHP

4. Practical PHP Performance (4 pages)

5. PHP Performance Series: Caching Technique

6. Cache it! Solve PHP Performance Problems (5 pages)

7. Performance Tunig PHP

8. PHP Performance Best Practice

9. High Performance PHP on Digg by Elliott White

10. 42+ Tips For Optimizing Your PHP Code Performance

11. Performance Tuning in PHP

12. Let’s make the web faster – PHP Performance Tips

13. PHP : Performance Improvement Tips

14 . 10 Performance Tips to Speed Up PHP

15. 15 Top Web Design Tips to Optimize Your PHP Code

16. Optimizing a PHP Application in 5 Minutes

17. PHP Performance From Symfony Live

18. PHP Performance on Windows

19. Simple Optimization for PHP and MySQL

More Tips On YouTube …
- PHP Performance Tips
- Improve your PHP Applications Performance with Zend Platform
- Youtube PlayList of  PHP Performance (7 Videos)
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