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Codeigniter recently is my favorite PHP framework, it’s has really small learning curve to get move on, here list of content management system built on codeigniter, hope this useful whether you want to use it for your simple site or you can learn more about codeigniter by exploring the code. Personally I explore it to knowing how people write code in codeigniter.

01. Ionizecms

Ionize is a powerful & friendly Content Management System, it has some feature including:

  • Easy templating Each page or article can have a dedicated template. Templates can be embedded in each others.
  • Localized content The core of Ionize is multilingual. You can create as much languages as you need for your website. Every content can be translated : posts, static elements in templates, media data, etc.
  • Extended fields Extended fields let you the ability to add your own data to pages, articles and media. For example, if you need a data called “color” on each article, you can create an extended field and this field will appear on each article in Ionize, ready to be filled and used.
  • Flexible content displaying Content and presentation are clearly separated. So an article can become a pictures gallery or a blog post entry, depending on the article template. No need to develop a complex gallery module to create video gallery page !
  • Content editing Copy / paste content from any word processing software. Inline links are automatically converted to hyperlinks. Emails are safely encoded to avoid spam.
  • Publication Each page and article can have a publish date and can be set offline at a given date. That give you the possibility to prepare your content per advance.
  • URL Ionize generated search engine friendly URLs. By including the language code in the URL, the CMS makes easy distinction for search engines between each language content.
  • Modules Ionize integrates a powerful module engine, which let the developers create specific modules. The CMS will integrates some standard modules in the future : newsletters and form management are in development.
  • Users and groups Group access only is possible on each page. For the admin panel, several groups (editors, admin, super-admin) will limit user’s possibilities.
  • Easy media linking Each media – pictures, musics, videos or files can be easily linked to every post. Media ordering is done by drag and drop.
  • Automated thumbnails You can create as much pre defined thumbnails as you need. You just have to link a media a a content and the predefined thumbnail will be created for this content.
  • Media data Media meta data are available in multiple languages. Just click on a media to edit its meta data.

visit ionizecms >

02. Pyrocms

Lightweight, themeable and dynamic, PyroCMS is perfect for CodeIgniter developers to kickstart your projects.

  • Security PyroCMS is very secure. All passwords are stored & encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to guess the original password, even if an attacker has access to the database.
  • Speed PyroCMS is fast, very fast. Thanks to the advanced cache system and the use of AJAX in the admin panel, page loads are much quicker than other CMS systems around.
  • Simple Interface PyroCMS’s admin panel isn’t cluttered with options and menus. Confusing options and settings don’t obscure the tools you need to fully manage your content.
  • Themes Don’t like the default design? No problem, the theme system is so easy to understand that everybody with basic PHP knowledge can create kickass designs for the sites.
  • Multi-lingual PyroCMS does not assume everyone speaks English. It has full support for multiple languages and more will be added as time goes on.
  • Web Integration Post new news aticles to your Twitter, easily enable Google Analytics with your Analytics ID and plenty more to come. PyroCMS will make it easy for you to interface with other websites.

visit pyrocms >

03. Open blog

Open blog is a free and open source blogging platform built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and released under the GPL v3 license. It provides users with a very powerful yet easy to use interface which makes blogging simple and enjoyable.

  • Friendly user interface – clean and easy to use user interface
  • Easy to install – Open Blog comes with a PHP installer which makes installation and configuration very easy (you can get your blog up and running in just a few minutes)
  • Multi language support – currently available in two languages (English and Slovene), but it can be easily translated into any language
  • Templates support – you can easily change the look and feel of your blog by using Open Blog templating system (the default installation includes 5 attractive templates
  • Open Source – Open Blog is being developed as open source software and released under the GPL v3 license so anyone can help improve it
  • Search engine friendly URLs – all URLs are search engine friendly
  • Pages – your blog can contain unlimited number of static pages (for example “About” page)
  • Links – add links to your favourite websites which will be visible to other visitors
  • Feed support – Open Blog supports RSS and Atom feeds for posts and comments
  • Aministrator panel – powerful yet easy to use administration panel that makes administrating your blog very easy
  • WYSIWYG editor – Open Blog includes TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor which makes formatting your posts and pages very simple
  • Check for updates – you can use the “Information” page on your administrator panel to check if a new version of Open Blog is available
  • Plug-ins – you can extend the functionality of your blog by developing or using one of the already developed plug-ins
  • and much much more…

visit open blog >

04. CodeFight

I’m not really take deep attention, but I can’t make it work and from the look of it’s website it start from hobbyist project.

visit codefight

05. Tarichi

Tarichi is Web Publishing System, fit for anyone who need simplicity, speed, and fun. Built using CodeIgniter makes CI Pro easy to learn. I assume the project is already dead.

visit tarichi

06. ShopIgniter

An extensible, multi-channel eCommerce platform. We’ve integrated store management, merchandising, and product content across retail locations, branded websites, and social media. an extensible, multi-channel eCommerce platform. ShopIgniter integrated store management, merchandising, and product content across retail locations, branded websites, and social media. Shopigniter it not like a downloadable script but it like a ecommerce platform that you can built based on that script.

visit shopigniter

07. SiteManagr

Site Managr

visit sitemanagr

08. Fuel CMS

An easy, flexible, empowering Content Management System for rapid development that transforms your CodeIgniter projects into client manageable brilliance.

Fuel CMS

visit fuelcms

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